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Steve Smith to the Rescue at Pineville Baby Store

By Linda Hutchinson
Original Article:

Baby Grocery Store ArticleThis past summer, former Carolina Panther Steve Smith stopped in a parking lot at a baby store in Pineville and helped my daughter and me figure out how to load some very large items into our very small car.

My daughter had noticed him in the store, but we didn’t see him in the parking lot. But he apparently noticed us and the difficulty we were having.

It was a hot day, and my 9-month-old granddaughter watched as my daughter and I struggled. Steve finished loading his car and came right over to us and took charge.

When we thanked him, he mentioned that he had had a job packing large boxes as a young man. And sure enough, he figured out the logistics and we all were able to fit in and drive home safely. Charlotte was fortunate to have him living among us! Linda Hutchinson, Charlotte